Thank you for your Order!

The debit will be made by Digistore24


You ordered activation key using the special link from within Mz3 Photobook (as In-App-Purchase), which already provided the Product Key (License Key) you are using.

That information (the Product Key) was used to update the MegaZine3 Database according to the number of purchased activation keys, i.e. tha count was added to the activation keys that already were assigned to the product key.

Please wait a couple of minutes to allow the processing of the data.

Then please re-start Mz3 Photobook and check the status in the Registration-Window. You will see the new total amount being listed under the appropriate Product key and you immediately can publish more Online Books!

Nothing else to do on your side 😉


If you purchased a new license in parallel, please find the specific hints about how to get started with a new Mz3 Photobook License following this link to the 

Mz3 Photobook Thank You Page

Enjoy working with Mz3 Photobook!

If the Online- or PDF-Manual does not answer your questions or you run into a problem or find a program bug: Please contact us!