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Download the User Manual and the Program Installers

Please have a look at the User Manual

The User Manual covers all topics needed, from start to the final Book:

  • Download and Installation
  • License Registration
  • Automatic Book creation
  • Publishing and
  • Distribution 

If the following tips and hints are not sufficient, please read the manual before asking us 😉

Download the appropriate Program Installer



Run the installers for Mz3 Photobook and Mz3Viewer and follow the instructions. Once the installer finished, you can choose to start Mz3 Photobook or Mz3 Viewer immediately .

Alternatively, you can start both Mz3 Photobook and Mz3 Viewer with a double click on the Mz3 Photobook icon or Mz3 Viewer on your desktop.

Register Mz3 Photobook

First of all, you should enter your License Key (Product Key) and then the BASE URL.
The BASE URL is the Internet address, where your book will be saved in a subfolder named after the book name.
The BASE URl plus the Book name define the Internet address, where your book will be found.

Click on “Help – Registration” in the menu and enter the license key in the registration window below.

The easiest and safest way to do this is to drag and drop or copy the license key from the order confirmation.

Afterwards you have to enter the base address (BASE URL) for all books managed under this License.

The base URL is automatically extended with the book name when creating an “Online Package”. Together BASE URL and Book Name build the complete Internet address (URL) of each book.

An “Online Package” is an automatically created folder by Mz3 Photobook. Once all files and folders for tehe Online Pckage are collected, the folder itself or the entire content of that folder (the “Online Package”) must be uploaded to the target server under the final Book URL (i.e. “base URL + book name”), using an FTP program.

BTW, the book name the same as the name of the folder, from which the selected photos originate.

Hint: If you only want to create and use Offline Books (books that are displayed with the Mz3 Viewer on a Windows or macOS PC), for the time being, you can enter any valid, i.e. existing and registered domain name, e.g.:, to finish the registration process successfully.

Whenever you are ready to create an Online Package, you should adjust the dummy BASE URL with the real Internet address, where you plan to host your book.

Create a Photobook

Collect all photos in one folder

All photos that are to be used in a photo book must be copied into a separate folder with a meaningful name.

The name will be used as the book name in an online book and thus becomes part of the Internet address.

Append consecutive Numbers to the file names of your photos

If the file names of the images do not already contain a suitable consecutive number, append a consecutive number to the file name of the image to indicate the order in which the images will be placed in the book.

Tip: Append a zero to the image number so that you can easily “insert” photos later.
It is also recommended to add leading zeros to each number to achieve a 4-digit number.

Example: The file name of a photo that is to be placed as the 12th image in the book is supplemented with the number 0120 (a leading zero to get to 4 digits, a zero at the end to be able to insert an image).
If a new image should be inserted later between image 12 and 13, that image can be given the number 0125, allowing the insertion of yet another image later after image 12:
Photo-0110.jpg, Photo-0120.jpg, Photo-0125.jpg, Photo-0130.jpg, …

After these preparations, simply drag and drop the folder with the collected pictures to the Mz3 Photobook program to automatically create a photobook with all the collected pictures!

You can find more instructions in the Online- or PDF-Documentation

Publish a Photobook

Publish the Book as Online or Offline Version The File – Publish menu opens a Pop-Up with buttons offering the creation of an Offline or an Online Book.
Offline Books
  • Stored locally on the disk of your PC
  • Can only be shown in the free Mz3 Viewer APP, available for Windows or macOS
  • The number of Offline Books is not restricted by Activation Keys like the Online Books are; you can create and use as many Offline Books as you like!
  • Offline Books differ slightly in functionality from Online Books
  • An Offline Book is saved and distributed as ZIP File.
    File Extension: mz3z
Online Books
  • Uploaded to a Server
  • Viewed over the Internet in any Browser and device
  • For each Online Book  one activation key must be assigned. Activation Keys must be purchased if no “free” activation key is any longer available. Activation keys can be removed from a book and become available for another book this way.
  • The collected files that represent the book (the “Online Package”) must be uploaded via FTP to a Server.

Enjoy working with Mz3 Photobook!

If the Online- or PDF-Manual does not answer your questions or you run into a problem or find a program bug: Please contact us!